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    About HYDATA
    HYDATA Software Company formerly known as HYDATA Repair Center which is the earliest professional agency focusing on Data Repair/Recovery Service. At present HYDATA Software Company mainly dedicates to research, develop, manufacture and sell data recovery/repair series, public utility series, forensic software and more. Moreover, all software products have obtained intellectual property individually and a variety of national patents.

    HYDATA Software Company headquartered in Harbin was given reputation for"Ice City" and set a large number of agents all parts of the country. We have the largest R & D team and the most professional customer service team in China, as well as sale, market, network operation etc. which have been formed a huge sales & marketing system. The great social task for HYDATA is to develop easy-to-use software products in high quality which can secure public information.

    Recently HYDATA Company has launched data recovery (repair) software products which can simply recover multiple operating systems and some easy-to-use public utilities. These products developed by HYDATA mainly focus on data recovery and data loss, and we have already ranked among the nation’s top 10 by virtue of total R&D capability in the known technical field. In addition, we are the only professional software company which may offer recovery software and services in a full series. For this year our goal is to enter top 3 in domestic marketing and top 10 in the global marketing.

    Every type of software developed by HYDATA has been precisely tested through engineers in our data recovery center. We stocked with everything from easy-to-use public data recovery, repair wizard products to professional recovery tools for dedicated agency. HYDATA Software has won many honors, and the largest and the most powerful engineers who are specific in data reverse engineering research in file structure analysis. The recovery software customized center is unique data recovery industry in domestic, which can response to instant data loss in real time.

    HYDATA Software has a wide and deep cooperation with government agencies, tertiary institutions and some media, with the help of internal and external resources, the three major data recovery networks have been established---HYDATA software network, HYDATA repair service network, HYDATA commonweal resource network.

    HYDATA software owns nearly a thousand enterprise users and tens of thousands of public users until now. Most software products have been launched to the global market in Chinese (simplified, traditional), English, Russian, Japanese and other twenty-three languages and the sale network has covered up North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other areas. As a developing high-tech enterprise, HYDATA software is now taking his place to the world and planning to accomplish a beautiful future-----to become the most valuable data recovery developer and service provider all over the world.