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  Data Repair & Data Recovery Technology Overview
File system to file index structure is just like format of a dictionary, dictionary name, directory, character and its indication. If indication represents file itself, then we can describe this complicate file structure using a simple figure:

Dictionary name - logical disk (e.g. disk C:, disk D:, etc.)
Directory - FAT
Character - filename
Indication - content of file

Actually we only use content of file itself. When we use content of file every time, in fact we must open a disk, inquire FAT, find file location and open file. Therefore, as long as the content of file exists, software can recover the final contents whatever kind of lost reasons. Recovery results will be affected by dictionary name, directory, actual corruption degree of character. Recently HYDATA Company’s engine is focusing on unique missing condition, we can do:
Logo loss of logical disk - 100% recovery;directory structure and content of file are totally complete.
FAT corruption - rescue the relation between file of directory or subdirectory and directory.
Filename loss - recover content of file and regenerate filename using specific technology (national patent).
Content of file corruption - it belongs to repairing range of HYDATA Recovery.

HYDATA Software’s Feature One: all-wizard-style interface, it’s convenient for initial users to understand recovery procedures. Feature Two: to minimize user-defined options. Feature Three: auto-manage added, to reduce customer’s loss to an utmost degree.

Recently HYDATA Software has acquired standard developing materials of at least 6000 file formats, all popular file formats included. And someone is put in charge of version upgrade and comparative analysis to each type of software, to ensure the leading of developing materials.

HYDATA Software has owned a powerful search and restore engine through practical development for many years, we may filter data required for restore in terms of different file formats. We can also regenerate file resources and bring corrupted files back to life. We almost know storage format of every type of file, to enhance our products function of data recovery software and we are trying our best to be extremely professional.