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  Data Recovery Center & Data Recovery Software
At present there are no proper legal limits on qualification of data recovery center in China. However, with the development of enterprise, we are not only updating technology constantly, but also improving our management system. To create our own enterprise culture through conscientious charge of every duty.

HYDATA Recovery Center is focusing on thinking what the customers think and worrying about what the customers need. Attention hereby: do not make too many operations especially writing operation to your drive once data loss occurred. Because data recovery is designed to restore the lost data, please do not format your hard drive.

We often select some related software to recover lost files due to accidental deletion, failed to cut, formatting and more. But for the storage media with physical damage, you’d better carry the hard drive to a professional data recovery agency. HYDATA Recovery Center may repair the storage media which is subject to serious physical corruption.

At present, some free data recovery software spreading on the Internet would result in writing operations to hard drive maliciously and damage source scene of data. When you found data lost, please do not restore hard drive on your own through unauthorized software or system recovery; Also, neither read disk repeatedly nor rewrite data to disk, otherwise it's extremely possible to cause a second damage. Attention please: If the data you lost is very important, please do some simulation operations to other storage media prior to using data recovery software or find a professional data recovery center.