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  Some suggestions for recovering private data
From "US Military information leakage"to current"Photo Scandal", it’s a common sight that the commercial and private info are leaked during data recovery. The most important thing is data for both enterprises and individuals. Private photos leakage would bring some stars into disrepute, however, once the confidential data and files are stolen, the whole company could not continue to operate. We have heard"data recovery"for a long time, and it’s necessary for us to learn some knowledge of data recovery to take precaution.

How to deal with data loss?
The senior engineers of HYDATA Recovery Center will give you some professional suggestions about how to safely restore private data:
1.Try to backup physical media before recovery
2.Please select data recovery service provider properly
3.Estimate service flows of service providers
4.Lay down your own service flow
5.On-site recovery.