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  Fighting for Data Security
When people talk about "virus infection", it always made them scared. Because we not only delay working but also lose important data saved before. Data corruption caused by virus attack is always unforeseen (including partition table corruption, data overwritten, etc.), and it is also difficult to describe damage symptoms caused by virus infection. When people found data lost, they almost broke down.

There is no doubt that data is the most critical information to personal communication and enterprise survival & development. And information is the survival source of our lives, work and life must rely on it. We use computer, and transfer information through internet. Besides, hard drive is critical component of this important carrier to access information. Files, information and data saving on hard drive would get damaged once we were subject to virus attack, and it makes a strong influence on our life & work.

There are no more than 15% servers connecting with backup equipments in China, it means that over 85% servers are likely to encounter virus infection and get destroyed anytime. The consequence will be unimaginable once this thing happened. These data storing on computer is not quite safe as we thought after all. Mis-operation, hacker scheme, virus infection and even the natural disasters, which have been seriously threatening security of data files.

How to save our data when we are facing so many data problems and ever-increasing various viruses? Thus, we developed a series of data recovery software wizard by existing technologies. The anti-virus software must update in real time so as to catch up with virus refreshing. Real-time monitoring to computer or other devices cannot help before file loss. In another word, recovery working should have done only after data loss or corruption. Our data recovery software will not be affected by mis-operation as long as the files are saved on storage media or have been saved on storage media.

Of course, if you have a good way of backup regularly, the data loss is low or would never happen.