Customer Evaluation and Trends
At present there are many sorts of popular data software, some application developer did some tests of comparative analysis but the results they obtained differ from each other in a thousand ways. The reasons of data corruption and loss are different because every type of software is focusing on different data. However, both norms of file system and norms of format of every file system are invariable (except derived files existed or upgrade file system).

We have met a client before, and he wants to recover a database file about financial. Too busy accounting work at the end of month and system malfunction result in data loss, and database files which have been recovered were unable to use. Fortunately, this client has a way of making a backup regularly, so most of these backup files are complete. However, it is still difficult to find the last backup files because of too many files, time not allowed and to check by manual will increase manpower.

Most of data software engineers who are experienced and familiar with these files norms may totally deal with such case by analyzing part of byte in every file. But in fact the analysis procedure just repeats the process of operation to many files. Design for this process written in software can achieve primitive computing function.

To data software developers the point is not merely to recover files you want, but you may rapidly find desired files after recovery. Under these circumstances, we added idea of management to our data recovery software making up for lack of defrag of other recovery software during the later period.

New concept of data software: Recover & Manage. We execute complete recovery and files management simultaneously, and it’s very convenient for us and customers.