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  HYDATA Software Release SCSI Firmware Repair Utility
Hard drive with SCSI interface is widely used on the server and other high-end products, however, interruptedly services in 24 hours and been running for many years, damage rate of SCSI HDD appear to be rising in recent years. Under this situation, HYDATA Software SCSI Team has succeeded in issuing the first SCSI Firmware Repair Utility through 6 months research. At present, there are no more than ten professional data agencies which can produce firmware-level products of SCSI HDD all over the world, HYDATA Software included, marking another step towards core technology of high-end data!

We will release SCSI Utility on 28, March 2009, the following is product launch date:
1.Demo(SCSI Recovery Demo V1.0) 25-03-2009
2.Wizard Version(SCSI Data Recovery Wizard V1.0) 28-03-2009
3.Official Version(SCSI Disk Data Recovery V1.0) June, 2009
Supported SCSI interface: 50/68/80 pin, supported brand: Seagate/IBM/West Digital/Quantum/Maxtor/Fujitsu.
And official version achieved the separation from SCSI card and can access maintenance terminal by means of USB2.0, this access technology is much more convenient than PC3000-SCSI. We specially developed Common Defect Repair Function via one click using factory instructions focusing on"Model available, no capacity"and "Self-test Error", which is much safer and faster than method of "Reset Module". It could almost repair all models of Seagate HDDs and OEM drives provided by Seagate in theory. Comparing with the latest PC3000-SCSI V3.X, our product can support more Seagate HDDs.

The following is detailed functional definition:
SCSI Product FunctionDemoWizardOfficial
Bus Scan000
Readiness Testing000
Stop/Start Motor000
Read P-List000
Read G-List000
Factory Low-level Formatting000
Parameter Settings000
Start Self-test000
Change HDD Capacity000
Change Block Size 000
Change Counts during Bad Sector Read&Write000
Display SMART Parameters000
Clear SMART Error Log000
Read&Write ROM in Flash Memory diskXX0
Quantum/WD: Regenerate TranslatorXX0
Common Defect Check(Model available, no capacity) 000
Common Defect Check(G-List Defect)000
Seagate Common Defect Repair(Model available, no capacity)X00
Seagate Common Defect Repair (P-List Defect)X00
Seagate Common Defect Repair (G-List Defect)X00
IBM Common Defect Repair (G-List Defect)X00
SCSI Command InterfaceXX0
High-speed Mirror Copy in Bus-level X00
Sector Editor 000
Encrypted ModeUnencryptedHASP HL DongleHASP HL Dongle
Power ModuleNoNo Yes
Upgrade ServiceNoNoYes
After-sale Service LevelEmailEmail MSN Instant Support

HYDATA Software has been committed to data recovery R&D during these years, and we have developed a variety of easy-to-use public recovery products. Our company has owned tens of thousands of customers both at home and abroad, the latest SCSI firmware data recovery utility also adheres to easy to use feature, you would solve difficult repairing problem in professional level within a few clicks.
In the high-end field of SCSI HDD, Seagate has always been holding a considerable market share, its performance and stability are both pretty excellent, so mostly adopted by server vendors. However in recent years, many individual users begin to use SCSI HDD due to high capacity for data throughput needed, such as video acquisition enthusiasts, personal graphics workstations, individual small server, etc. The more market share Seagate holds, the more damage rate will occur at MTBF, and over 80% failure is due to firmware problem. Their main manifestations are: self-test sound available, no clicking sound, "Media error"or"SCSI start unit request failed"reported in SCSI card (prompts vary with different SCSI devices), you may still see model of hard drive but capacity is zero, it's mostly due to corrupted translator or GList error. Aiming to this problem, HYDATA SCSI Data Recovery Center specially develops an option for one click repairing, just select the drive you want to recover and click auto-repair common defect, then you may finish repairing for three minutes. Customers can also copy data on their own. HYDATA SCSI Firmware Recovery Software is applicable to both professional data recovery agencies and network managers engaged in large and medium enterprises with specific server.
HYDATA Software is extending technology of firmware repairing towards SAS and FC interface, and we have realized repairing function, now we are making stability testing and interface design. Thus we could provide firmware repairing service of SAS and FC interface prior to software issuance.