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  SCSI HDD Common Defect Repair V1.1-One Month Experience
Free Trial Announcement:
HYDATA Software will release SRT V1.1(Common Defect Repair Software) based on SCSI firmware on March 28,2009. To enable our customers to know this software better, we will launch the activity of free trial of 30 days.

Activity time:
March 25,2009 to April 30,2009

Activity rules:
1.30-day money back
You can take a full advantage of product function of HYDATA Software within 30 days since the date from you buy the product, If you're unsatisfied with our product, you can contact Customer Service to demand a refund. The date refers to the order date.

2. Free OBM business
if users acknowledge function of product during activity, you may apply to OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) for once. We just launch OBM service for industry users and offer logo and info of enterprise marked on software interface. HYDATA Software may provide you with formal authorization of OBM.

3. Special rates for official version upgrading
Customers who have purchased wizard version want to buy SCSITOOL official version, and there is an overlap between two kinds of software in functionality, we may give you a discount for price difference. Firstly, we must take back all services of original version, then customers should make up the difference: upgrading difference = public offer of official version- public offer of product to be upgraded.

4. 10% discount for industry users
Please submit related industry qualification and business license, you will get a 10% discount once confirmed.

5. Supported model test & points
SRT adopts plenty of factory instructions in the design and we need to test HDD with more supported models in order to launch more supported model list of SCSI HDD. Users who have SCSI HDD not published in supported model list may participate in the test during activity, 50 points for each model. Because FC, LW, LC is the same model, please do not fill out repeatedly. Please contact Customer Service for more info.
When the activity ended, you can get cash back, one point=1 RMB. The highest price of cash back is the price of the merchandise you purchased.

6. This software is based on encryption technology of HASP, so the consignee should pay the freight of HASP Dongle.

HYDATA Software reserves all ultimate explanation and modification rights.

The following is completed supported models
ST318203LW ST3187406LC ST336706LW
ST318203LWV ST373707LC ST336706LC
ST318203LC ST318305LC ST336605LW
ST318203LCV ST318305LW ST336605LC
ST39103LW ST373707LW ST336605LCV
ST39103LWV ST317436LC ST373405LW
ST39103LC ST317436LW ST373405LC
ST39103LCV ST336752LC ST373405LWV
ST318233LWV ST318432LW ST373405LCV
ST318233LCV ST318452LW ST336607LW
ST39133LWV ST336732LW ST373307LW
ST39133LCV ST336752LW ST3146807LW
ST39204LW ST318453LC ST336607LC
ST318404LW ST336753LC ST373307LC
ST39204LC ST373453LC ST3146807LC
ST318404LC ST318453LW ST373207LW
ST336704LC ST336753LW ST3146707LW
ST336704LCV ST373453LW ST3300007LW
ST336704LW ST336754LC ST373207LC
ST336704LWV ST373454LC ST3146707LC
ST39205LW ST3146854LC ST3300007LC
ST39205LC ST336754LW ST39251LC
ST318405LW ST373454LW ST318451LC
ST318405LC ST3146854LW ST39251LW
ST336705LW ST318406LW ST318451LW
ST336705LC ST318406LC ST318432LC
ST336732LC ST318452LC
COMPAQ BD03695A24 COMPAQ BD07288277 COMPAQ BD14685A26

Official version download:
Official version demo download:
Demo version download: scsi-recovery-demo-cn.rar