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  HYDATA Release SCSITOOL—Official Version
HYDATA Software has launched firmware utility formally, which can solve plenty of problems considering data recovery of server HDD, and the uniform name is SCSITOOL (both English and Chinese).

Figure 1: SCSITOOL Product (PCI interface)

SCSITOOL belongs to a combination of software and hardware, its key features: SA Track Read&Write, Module Operation, Testing Certificate modification, ROM Operation, Defect List Operation, Surface Scan, HDD Repair, Data Recovery and more. SCSITOOL is divided into six modules as per HDD vendor: Seagate/Fujitsu/IBM/Hitachi/WD/Maxtor.
All SCSITOOL hardware products are adopting high-speed bus of USB2.0 and to meet the need of users, we offered three types in appearance: external mobile terminal, built-in card with PCI interface and disk array of chassis style. The internal communication adopted 128 bit encryption algorithm of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) as well as encryption chip developed by Aladdin Company in Israel. This Win-win co-operation can insure the rights of genuine users and encryption system security.

Figure 2: Software Interface (SCSITOOL for Seagate)

The built-in SCSI controller adopted by SCSITOOL series products, which can support RAID data recovery, connection of multi-plate (0-15) * N blocks of server HDD at the state of offline, cascade utility, multiple controllers of RAID versions. Write function referring to RAID info simulation can rapidly repair damaged RAID at the state of offline. Time is money, it was a race against time to repair server, SCSITOOL may accomplish RAID’s online-startup ASAP and it’s totally different from any other RAID data recovery tools on the market nowadays.
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