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  Upgrade Schedule-Data Recovery Series V2.0
All HYDATA Recovery Series V1.0 will upgrade to V2.0, today starting software upgrading of V1.0 and would be completed before 31, May 2009.

The detailed upgrading time shown as follows:

No. Software Name Upgrade Date
1 HYDATA Photo Recovery Wizard 12-05-2009
2 HYDATA MPG Recovery Wizard 15-05-2009
3 HYDATA AVI Recovery Wizard 17-05-2009
4 HYDATA Word Recovery Wizard 23-05-2009
5 HYDATA Excel Recovery Wizard 23-05-2009
6 HYDATA PPT Recovery Wizard 23-05-2009
7 HYDATA Office Recovery Wizard 24-05-2009
8 HYDATA RAR Recovery Wizard 30-05-2009
9 HYDATA ZIP Recovery Wizard 30-05-2009
10 HYDATA SQL Recovery Wizard 30-05-2009
11 HYDATA BMP Recovery Wizard 30-05-2009

The old users who have purchased V1.0 will upgrade to V2.0 for free, we will send you a new registration code, please view your upgrading mailbox. The kernel of V2.0 has been strictly tested through HYDATA Software, and the advanced technology of data recovery added in this new version. Although it belongs to public wizard version, recovery accuracy has reached a professional level. To inherit the easy-to-use feature of HYDATA Software, you can easily retrieve your lost files with three steps.
The kernel of V2.0 has upgraded the support for file system, and the function of data rescue from bad sectors contained in professional version is also embedded in V2.0, so the storage media with bad sectors may also work properly.
V2.0 enhanced effect of trial version and helps users obtain a full understanding of recovery function before purchase.
HYDATA Software would gather the feedbacks from customers after upgrading, to revise and enhance the kernel of V2.0. In addition, HYDATA Software will release more data recovery software based on V2.0 structures so as to save your precious data.
Photo Recovery Wizard V2.0-Experience version:
Functional Demo of Data Recovery Series V2.0 :

Data Recovery Wizard (All In One) is coming soon: