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  HYDATA Regeneration Technology of Filename & Patent Announcement
Intellectual property is incorporeal property of enterprise and mainly reflects enterprise’s core value. Intellectual property is that enterprise is entitled to fruits of their labor. In intellectual property, " industrial property"is the collective name for patent right and trademark right. With the development of technology, the intellectual property is expanding continuously. Intellectual property of software is that computer software developers are entitled to research and development results. Because software belongs to high technology field, the intellectual property protection law is not well protected around the world, and most software enterprises are applying copyright as well as patent right to protect incorporeal property.
Trademark and patent right must be strictly examined and approved by country, it will take 1-3 years to obtain an official certificate from the date of application, HYDATA Software has always attached importance to protect enterprise intellectual property, and has been carrying out a number of protection applications for intellectual property.
File name regeneration tech and process patent of HYDATA Software had been accepted the application via SIPO on early Jan.11, 2008, and the patent application no.: 200800638445, proposer: Li Jing, (Note: Li Jing was one of shareholders in Harbin HYDATA Software Co., Ltd.), the data recovery software is designed by using this technology will greatly reduce intension of collating work and increase about 30% of friendly degree for recovery results.
Recently HYDATA Software found that some native data recovery software industries use our patent technology, to avoid patent infringements and disputes, HYDATA Software particularly open this patent application accepted notice, it’s kindly recommended that not use file name regeneration tech and process in your software, or HYDATA Software will resort to law.


Software copyright related
Recently most countries select Copyright Law to protect software and regard the program and documents as works. In fact software protection is comprehensive, also can be protected by patent law, contract law, trademark law, anti-unfair competition law etc. Considering the particularity of software works, state council makes 《Computer Software Protection Regulations》as per 《People’s Republic of China Copyright Law》, and the main basis for software copyright protection is 《Computer Software Protection Regulations》.

1)The significance of Intellectual property protection
Software development needs substantial intelligence and financial resource input and itself is a high degree of wisdom, software is also protected by Law as well as tangible assets so as to improve developers’ positivity and creativity and enhance software industry development to promote the progress of human civilization. Beat infringement and pirate, protect software intellectual property, the government’s intention is to build a good marketing of respect for knowledge and intellectual property as well as software’s hope, and it relates to software industrial development and survival of software enterprises.

2)Infringement requires to bear legal liability
If the users infringed, we will depend on the seriousness of the case to assume the following responsibilities:
1.Civil liability: Including the cessation of abuse, the elimination of the impact, public apology, compensation for loss etc.;
2.Administrative responsibility: Including stop production and distribution of infringing copies, confiscation of illegally income, confiscation of infringing copies and production equipments, punishable by a maximum of 100,000 yuan, or 5 times the total price of the fine, etc.;
3.Criminal responsibility: if the illegal gains of are very large the counterfeiter shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years and not more than seven years or not less than two years and not more than five years and be fined; If an enterprise or institution is guilty of criminally behavior, the unit will be fined and the criminal liability of the person in charge and other people directly responsible for the counterfeiting shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.