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    HYDATA Mis-Clone Recovery Wizard
                     HYDATA Mis-Clone Recovery Wizard

         Version: V2.0000
         Size: 2.46MB
         Category: Utility Software Series
         Language: English
         Update Date: 2009-04-28

    Introduction: HONGYU Mis-Clone Recovery Wizard may restore the data in partition image accidentally cloned to the disk due to Ghost operation. This portable software has a high-speed engine and supports a variety of mass storage devices, such as IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, FC, etc. It is used to search for multiple file systems in logical partition and makes a sector scan using a high-speed algorithm. Rapidly recover lost logical partition because of accidental Ghost operation or one-click Ghost and automatically analyzes the related relation among those lost logical disks. Faulty-clone to multi-partition disk will cause one big partition remaining, for this situation it could completely recover all partitions’ data except the first partition. This software has passed a professional test of HONGYU Data Repair Center, and more applicable to data recovery after faulty HDD clone, it may meet the needs of initial users and professionals.