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    SCSI HDD LBA 0 Recovery Tool-Demo
                     SCSI HDD LBA 0 Recovery Tool-Demo

         Version: V3.000
         Size: 3.26MB
         Category: Free Software Series
         Language: English
         Update Date: 2009-04-28

    Introduction: This utility is specially designed to recover firmware failure of SCSI HDD which is occurring "model available without capacity". Repair instructions adopted in factory-level can simply repair corrupted SCSI firmware via one click and to save your precious data in it. Wizard Version is completely absorbing essences of Professional Version avoiding complicate firmware read/write operations, which can repair Translator fault, GList error, LBA 0,"Medium Error" reported in SCSI card and rapidly rebuild HDD parameters and more. Necessary utility for both the storage manager and engineer of data recovery, strongly recommended the advanced user choose official version issued by HONGYU Software.
    The following list is completed supported models:
    ST318203LW ST3187406LC ST336706LW ST318203LWV ST373707LC ST336706LC ST318203LC ST318305LC ST336605LW ST318203LCV ST318305LW ST336605LC ST39103LW ST373707LW ST336605LCV ST39103LWV ST317436LC ST373405LW ST39103LC ST317436LW ST373405LC ST39103LCV ST336752LC ST373405LWV ST318233LWV ST318432LW ST373405LCV ST318233LCV ST318452LW ST336607LW ST39133LWV ST336732LW ST373307LW ST39133LCV ST336752LW ST3146807LW ST39204LW ST318453LC ST336607LC ST318404LW ST336753LC ST373307LC ST39204LC ST373453LC ST3146807LC ST318404LC ST318453LW ST373207LW ST336704LC ST336753LW ST3146707LW ST336704LCV ST373453LW ST3300007LW ST336704LW ST336754LC ST373207LC ST336704LWV ST373454LC ST3146707LC ST39205LW ST3146854LC ST3300007LC ST39205LC ST336754LW ST39251LC ST318405LW ST373454LW ST318451LC ST318405LC ST3146854LW ST39251LW ST336705LW ST318406LW ST318451LW ST336705LC ST318406LC ST318432LC ST336732LC ST318452LC COMPAQ BD018122C0 COMPAQ BD03695A27 COMPAQ BD07285A25 COMPAQ BD03695A24 COMPAQ BD07288277 COMPAQ BD14685A26