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                     SRT FOR IBM SCSI

         Version: V3.000
         Size: 3.6MB
         Category: Utility Software Series
         Language: English
         Update Date: 2009-10-10

    Introduction: This utility is specially designed to recover firmware failure of IBM SCSI HDD which is occurring "model available without capacity". Repair instruction adopted in factory-level may easily repair SCSI firmware via one click and save your precious data in it.
    Key Features:1. Repair Translator error, GList defect, S.M.A.R.T. Error, "Medium Error"reported in SCSI card (LBA 0 returned) and "Unknown Size"detected by SRT.
    2. It is necessary to adopt "Hot Swap"and "Rebuild HDD Parameter"to repair patient drive occurring "Start Unit Request Failed"reported in SCSI card and "Offline" detected by SRT because PCB cannot communicate with HDA under these circumstances. The functions of stop/start motor and read/write physical P/G-List applied for Hot Swap are also included.
    The functions of test and recovery added to the latest version, please see supported list for more details!

    Supported models are as follows: IC35L018UWDY10 IC35L018UCDY10 IC35L018F2DY10 IC35L036UWDY10 IC35L036UCDY10 IC35L036F2DY10 IC35L073UWDY10 IC35L073UCDY10 IC35L073F2DY10 IC35L146UWDY10 IC35L146UCDY10 IC35L146F2DY10 IC35L009UWD210 IC35L009UCD210 IC35L009XWD210 IC35L009XCD210 IC35L009F2D210 IC35L018UWD210 IC35L018UCD210 IC35L018XWD210 IC35L018XCD210 IC35L018F2D210 IC35L036UWD210 IC35L036UCD210 IC35L036XWD210 IC35L036XCD210 IC35L036F2D210 IC35L073UWD210 IC35L073UCD210 IC35L073XWD210 IC35L073XCD210 IC35L073F2D210 IC35L018UCPR15-X IC35L018UWPR15-X IC35L036UCPR15-X IC35L036UWPR15-X DPSS-309150 DPSS-318350 DPSS-336950 DDYS-T09150 DDYS-T18350 DDYS-T36950 DRHS-36V DRHS-36D DRHS-36L DMVS-36 DNES-309170 DNEF-309170 DNES-318350 DNEF-318350 DDRS-34560 DDRS-39130