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    DRT-SCSITOOL Enterprise Edition
                     DRT-SCSITOOL Enterprise Edition

         Version: V6.017
         Size: 37.3MB
         Category: Utility Software Series
         Language: English
         Update Date: 2016-02-22

    Introduction: HYDATA SCSITOOL is designed to repair Seagate SCSI HDD, which can detect HDD from all aspects, modify testing certificate and check various parameters and more. With combination of software and hardware, HYDATA SCSITOOL can fast accomplish SA read & write operations and Head/SA complex test. This tool may simply read and backup data of track to be operated through read & write module/track. This tool has integrated various practical functions, i.e. directly check and change HDD capacity, sector size and serial number, rebuild translator, rapidly repair LBA 0, read P/GList, add GList and LBA->CHS conversion. It can fast scan bad sectors, read & write delay sector via logical scan, stop/start motor, internal low-level format through factory mode, HDD self-test, S.M.A.R.T. parameters display/reset and read total sectors.

    SCSITOOL Toolkit:SCSITOOL Card(1pc)、Power Line(1pc)、Serial Line(1pc)、USB Data Line(1pc)、Adaptor of 68pin to 80pin(1pc)、Book of Specifications(1pc)

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