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    Data Recovery Wizard
                     Data Recovery Wizard

         Version: V3.0000
         Size: 2.2MB
         Category: File Recovery Software
         Language: English
         Update Date: 2009-04-28

    Introduction: This is a professional recovery software, HYDATA Data Recovery Wizard will be your best assistant to recover lost data, it is the kernel development using a variety of documents to find the precise specifications can be quickly recovers accidentally deleted, corrupted or formatted virus and other reasons missing files, the program only a small volume, as long as the low system requirements, Bingcheng Hong Yu software easy to use features. Suitable for both beginners and experts to use data recovery, compact program, download no installation, you can use to support the search results are automatically filtered file consistency check on the specific algorithm, Green-made, free installation, with a high-speed search engine that supports mass storage devices. Remove recovery module for recovering deleted files recover deleted data.
    Partition Recovery: Partition Recovery module is used for formatting and partitioning causes the file to recover lost data.
    full recovery: complete recovery module for an unknown reason lost data file recovery.