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    Upgrade FAQs
    What can I do? Machine code is changing due to computer upgrading.
  • Machine code is related to the computer hardware, once you replaced the computer, the changed machine code results in original registration code getting invalid. We make the following promises: if you are the customer who has registered over half of a year and need to upgrade your computer, we may change a new and free registration code once a year. For special situations (e.g. computer lost), if you can tell detailed info, we can also send a new registration code for free.
  • I need to use this software on different computers.
  • Do not buy registration version using machine code if you always change the computer, you can purchase encryption version using USB dongle key without limitations to multiple computers. HYDATA now adopts HASP PRO developed by Aladdin Company, so encryption version will cost much money comparing to registration version.
  • How often does HYDATA software upgrade?
  • We shall constantly enhance and update product functions, especially when upgrading product. We will make a greater functional upgrade to software every 3 to 6 months, please pay attention to HYDATA Software Official Website, the users who have purchased software products will receive upgrading emails via Customer Service. Once the registration system upgrades, we’ll send a new authorized registration code of upgrading calculated by machine code from the version which you purchased.
  • Shall I pay the fee for upgrading?
  • Update or upgrade product which has a same series is totally free for genuine users and the method of updating or upgrading now is only via website. HYDATA Software has issued Wizard Version Series, Official Version Series, Forensics Series and Tool Software Series.
  • I have bought wizard series, now I want to purchase official version, is there a discount?
  • If there is an overlap between official version and the wizard series you have bought in functionality, we may give you a discount for price difference. Firstly, we must take back all services of original version, then customers should make up the difference: upgrading difference = public offer of official version- public offer of product to be upgraded.