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    I cannot find a proper answer in Technical Support?
  • HYDATA Software has a perfect after-sale service system, We will regularly release the problems which have something in common on Technical Support. In addition, we will set a separate subnet for every type of software soon, to show product upgrade, user suggestions and additional related knowledge, etc. Please visit
  • How to identify genuine users?
  • Both the payment credential you obtained and customer information you filled in during purchase enable to identify.
  • My software has been already registered, but the warning of pirated software occurs sometimes?
  • HYDATA Software has multiple built-in anti-decryption systems and there are various ways to test user identity in kernel program. Although some users might get registration codes by improper means at first, you will keep receiving warning of pirated software during using and some interference will be made to recovered results. Authorized users will not be affected by this restriction!
  • I want to call Technical Support, but I cannot find contacts.
  • Technical Support is affiliated with R&D department which has a higher security level, so we are forbidden to use telephone and internet. The customer emails classification and filtering is based on mail gateway, and now HYDATA Software has already built a perfect email service system, so we can deal with user suggestions and consultations ASAP.
  • For genuine user, how long can get a reply if sending Email to Technical Support?
  • HYDATA has an excellent Customer Service mail system, if you encountered problems during using, please send email to Technical Support will respond within 24 hours on business day, but in fact we could solve it faster in practical work. Please make a detailed explanation in your email, and it’s better to send email attached with related screenshots, because it’ll help Technical Support with runtime environment simulation so as to shorten the time for reply.