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    Registration FAQs
    I have already registered before, why become unregistered now?
  • Changing a computer or an important part of module would make machine code changed and caused the registration code being out of use. If you have such similar problems, please contact technical engineers through email:, and you should provide your order no. and changed details and apply to a new registration code again, and registration code is used to identify genuine user. To the behavior of resending registration code, HYDATA Software reserves all rights.
  • How does registration code generate?
  • First of all, automatically generate machine code as per hardware devices. And then the unique registration code will be calculated as per this machine code.
  • Cannot use this software?
  • You may download the latest software from the official website to register again.
    2. You may send your order no. or questions to, and our technical engineers will reply you on receipt of email. HYDATA Software has a perfect after-sale Email system, Email could automatically forwarded to related engineer for the genius users and make sure the mailbox you use is the one when you purchased this product, otherwise you’d better fill in order no. as the subject and your email will be also sent to a related engineer.
  • When can I receive registration code after paying?
  • 1. Internet Banking: Users can check registration code in the webpage or email after paying.
    2. Wire Transfer: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on business day, please contact us via Hotline 400-657-8388. We will deliver you registration code after info verification.
    3. Postal Remittance: Please send a fax, and we will deliver you registration code immediately after info verification.
    4. You may send screenshots of transaction to Customer Service QQ: 287529888, we will deliver you registration code immediately after info verification.
    5. Alipay users may visit:
  • Registration code is unable to use?
  • 1. Make sure that the registration code you entered is correct (Note: case insensitive, letters and numbers).
    2. We will send you the registration code calculated via the machine code you offered to us, please check the machine code first.
    3. Please make sure that current version is the same as the registered one. HYDATA Software always provides you with registration code of the latest version, please download the latest version from official website:
  • Cannot see previous registration info when registered successfully.
  • We suggest you download Registration Display Tool from
  • I have already registered before and if it would cause a crash using software of new version?
  • You may use multiple software versions in one computer. The software crash will not happen because registered respectively.
  • How to delete registration info?
  • You can download One-click Clear Tool from
  • What is User Name?
  • Although no special limitation, you could not change user name once you received registration code. It’s advised that company use company name, and individual user uses his true name.
  • Can I use registration code after reinstallation or HDD formatting?
  • Absolutely! Please keep your registration code safe and enter it again!
  • My computer has multiple systems, such as Win 2000, XP, etc. Can I continue to use on every system after registration?
  • Certainly! Because the machine code on every system is the same, registration code can also be universally used.
  • Are there some limitations to using time after registration?
  • Absolutely not! It always keeps valid after registration.