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    SRT stands for Server Disk Recovery Tool, SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI specializes in repairing SEAGATE SCSI drives with firmware failure, could repair all SEAGATE SCSI drives developed by SEAGATE manufacturer and SEAGATE OEM drives before June 1, 2010 (both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch).
    Some common firmware failure regarding SEAGATE SCSI drives are as follows:
    1. Cheetah 15K.3, Cheetah 15K.4 or previous models (3.5”) and Savvio 10.1 (2.5”):
    Drive model is available but no capacity shown, SCSI card reports "Medium Error" and "Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)".
    2. New Cheetah 15K.5 (3.5”) and Savvio 10K.2, 10K.3 and 15K.1 (2.5”):
    Drive model and capacity are available; the entire disk of bad tracks; Unable to access any sector in WinHex; it shows "!" on entire disk in test software, such as MHDD.
    3. We have tested all new SEAGATE enterprise and server drives so far, SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI can support SCSI drive models of all SEAGATE series. (Please refer to the supported list below.)
    SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI takes advantage of factory level instructions and it’s easier to repair SCSI drive with firmware failure by virtue of One-Click Repair. Wizard Version completely absorbs essences of SCSITOOL-Professional Version in order to avoid complicated firmware reading and writing. Meanwhile, it can repair:
    translator failure, G-List error;
    model available but no capacity, capacity=None;
    Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)
    0 LBA
    "Medium Error" reported in SCSI card
    bad tracks shown on entire disk
    SRT FOR SEAGATE may rapidly rebuild Drive Parameters to save your priceless data. We have enhanced test and repair function for new Version 3.0, in addition, SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI adds the latest SCSI drive models as well as IBM-ESXS series!
    SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI –Ver.3.0 fulfilled compatibility test for operating system, such as Win2000/2003/7/XP/Vista. The new SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI may support SCSI cards of more brands because of the latest optimization and integration, at the same time SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI has the best compatibility with SCSI card.
    Note: please identify your hard drive belongs to firmware failure before repairing and software purchase.
    Common ways:
    If SRT software reports "Medium Error" and "Sense Key: 0x03", indicating that it belongs to firmware failure, so you may select SRT FOR SEAGATE to repair your patient hard drive.
    If it reports "Off-Line" and "Sense Key: 0x02", indicating that it belongs to hardware failure, first you should solve hardware issue.
    In the supported model list, if the models in the area marked with blue color occurred firmware failure, it reports "Medium Error", "0 LBA", "capacity is null", "capacity=None" or "Unable to access". If SRT reports "Off-Line" error, first you should replace PCB and use ROM attached with source disk to exclude hardware issue
    If the models in the area marked with gray color occurred failure, and the drive reports: "capacity is available and shows normal capacity", and in the SRT it shows "Medium Error", "Unable to access", "bad sectors shown on the entire disk". If SRT reports "Off-Line", indicating that more than 80% of failure reason is due to head corruption or hardware issue caused by platter corruption.
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  • SRT FOR SEAGATE SCSI-Reg version, after your successful payment, send you machine code and failure derive SN to . we will give you registation code in 1 day