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    Payment FAQs
    Which is the best payment method on internet?
  • You may obtain a full self-service purchase and fast get registration code after purchase by Internet Banking.
  • Not sending me registration code after paying?
  • That's impossible, and we can totally understand your concerns. As a well-known software company in China, we will never allow this to happen. If you didn't receive registration code immediately, please feel free to contact Customer Service.
  • I have sent payment order over 24 hour but got no reply?
  • Email delivery failed or network failure, and you may contact us via or tel: +86 451 87529888.
  • What payment methods I can adopt?
  • You can pay via PayPal, West Union, Credit Card and Wire Transfer.
  • How to do if error info occurred during payment?
  • HYDATA has a perfect service system, but sometimes time delay is unavoidable affected by network communications. If you encountered network failure or system halted during payment, please take it easy, because any transaction details will be recorded by service system. Please feel free to contact Custom Service anytime.